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Tapestry, 2024

Post-Photography | Generative Art | Glitch Art

Digital ART

Unique Artwork

Pigmented INKS

Fine art paper “Museum” RAG Photo Etching 310 gr., made of 100% cotton, acid-free and without optical brighteners, natural matte white and smooth surface with a soft texture of fine grain.

The post-photographic style digital work appears to be
tapestry. A tapestry with a central relief that makes it create
a certain dimension and depth in the piece with
gray, brown and black tones. This tapestry is not
solid nor firm. It is a tapestry that drips, decays, slips.
A liquid tapestry referring to modernity
liquid of the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, where everything is in
constant movement, man is orphan of
consistent references and the concepts are more
unstable than ever.
The contrast of the red chromaticism of the upper part
may suggest degradation in society in the work.
This work comes from a photograph taken from a
airplane over the port of Barcelona city at night.

70cm X 100cm


Pigmented INKS


Fine art paper “Museum” RAG Photo


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