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Cristina Simó was born in 1976 in Terrassa (Barcelona).

She received a Master of Cultural Tourism from the University of Girona in 2011 and studied Web and App Programming in 2015, which captivated her with the symbiosis between art and digital software.

Simó is self-taught and curious, which allows her to explore and learn to create her work. Behind Cristina’s artistic work there is a purely emotional component based on her career, her experience and her environment.

Cristina currently resides in Vic (Barcelona) as an emerging digital artist who continues to learn, create and exhibit her work within the exciting world of Digital Art.

Self-portrait. 2024

When I was little I used to go into a small developing room we had at home to feel the magic of how the image was slowly coming out on the white paper that was inside the last bucket. I still feel that magic when I also finally finish a digital artwork that fills me completely.

I create Digital Art. I use a variety of software to create my artworks, such as Photoshop, After Effects and Apps. I generate Procedural, Glitch and Post-Photography Art.

I believe that art is a powerful way to express oneself and connect with others.

— Cristina Simó